Sister, It’s Time to Set Boundaries

Do you know her?  She’s the woman that never says “no”.  Somehow, she’s always available to help with everyone’s project, event or whatever program is going on at her local church.

I know her.  She used to be me.

Minister Alicia George encourages women to establish healthy boundaries. She is the author of several books, including Healing from Emotional Enemies, available on Amazon.

That is, until one day, I could no longer keep saying “yes”.  God had interrupted my life and things were shaking all around me.  As the dust was settling, I could see where I wasted a lot of time trying to keep up appearances. I was saying “yes” to projects and meetings that were time wasters keeping me from the work that God had called me to do.  I thought I would never become that woman –  the overworked, stressed out woman that I’ve read about for years.

Do you know her?

In my interview with Minister Alicia George, she teaches how to move forward and reach towards your destiny by setting boundaries.  This is a requirement for healthy, productive living.

Listen here, and share the audio!



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