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An Interview With Lisa W. Beckwith, Author

I had a delightful chat recently with Lisa W. Beckwith, author of Food for L.I.F.E.: Lasting Impressions Forever Enjoyed. In this inspiring read, Lisa shares how God’s principles can guide you to have a life that reflects lasting impressions. And that’s something that I know we all want — to make a good lasting impression!

The stages of life are like the courses of a fine meal and there are nutrients people need during each course for growth and development. — Lisa W. Beckwith

As you read through this book and engage in the exercises included after each chapter, you will gain a sense of how earlier stages of your life contribute to how you respond and make decisions as an adult.

This is definitely a book to add to your reading this year!

Check out my interview with Lisa here….

Food for L.I.F.E.: Lasting Impressions Forever Enjoyed is available on Amazon.

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